Fortune Builders International has two services they render to the public (to members and non members).These services are :

Free education to poor kids

Knowledge really is power, and chances are,...
getting a good education is the key to our growth as people, as it allows knowledge to be advanced from generation to generation. Girls and boys who learn to read, write and count will provide a better future for their families and countries. With improved education, so many other areas are positively affected. In short, education has the power to make the world a better place.

5 major benefits of education.

1. You get respect from everyone, everywhere-
Respect is one of the greatest treasures of everyone’s life. Education is the most powerful key which makes others respect you. If you are an educated person, you will get respect from everyone and everywhere. Of course, society gives respect to rich people as well, but not everywhere. When you meet people the very first time, they won’t ask you how much money you have, but they will ask you what are you doing? Such these situations, people estimate you with your profession. If you want to be in a good profession you need to study well. So simply education brings others to respect you.

Some of you may think that Bill gates failed in Harvard university, but he is one of the respected persons now. Let’s take Mark Zuckerberg who left Harvard, but he is one of the social network magnets in this world. Steve Jobs dropped out of Reed college, but he is the one introduced Apple products .

2. Education changes your habits--
You can’t find any better place than a school to learn your basic habits. Each and everything you learn in school impact very much in your daily life. Education is not only sharpening your brain but also, it sharpen your habits as well. When you meet a stranger, you can judge him by his habits only. So discipline is very important for every individual and you can expect that from only educated people.

3. Get employment anywhere-
We are here for only money and in order to make money, we must be in a good job. Now a day’s even graduated students reallyfind it hard to find a job. So, how will an uneducated person find a job in this world? Education is very much needed in order to move into your next step. If you have a degree or diploma or any other certificate programs, you will get a job anywhere, not immediately but definitely. If you don’t have any certificate who is willing to offer you a job? Only you can do some odd jobs throughout your whole life. In Asia, even you can’t find any odd jobs without education. So think about the advantages of education in your life and don’t ignore that in your life or your kids life at any time.

4. Education Make Friends -
There are lots of differences between friendship in 1995 and friendship in 2015. In early days, education is not a big issue in order to make friends. But, now it’s all turnaround and education is one of the essential qualification for making a new friend. I’m not talking about all the people in the world but talking about the majority of the people. In order to make a new friend, you must be an educated person or rich person. If you don’t have one of these qualities, you simply rejected by others. It’s really sad but this the life we live today. So make new friends is another advantage of education.

5. Time management and Money management-
Time management and money management are the two very essential things in day to day life. But without education, you never know what are they and you won’t understand how to handle these two.

The above benefits of education has shown why FBI has chosen to assist the poor kids with free education.

Empowerment of Widows

Widows should be supported financially so they can provide the daily needs of their children as well as a sound education.
In this regard,FBI will empower any less privilege widow with any business of their choice.
Please check our compensation plan to be of FBI.

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